The Seasons and Timing

Adam’s peak

The pilgrim’s season to Sri Pada traditionally starts on the full moon poya day of December and ends on the full moon poya day of May. During the first half of the season the night ascent isn’t crowded. However during the latter half of the season, more people attempt the climb with each passing day. The mountain is most often scaled from December to May. During other months it is hard to climb the mountain due to very heavy rain, extreme wind, and thick mist.

Duruthu Perahera

Is a procession held in celebration of Lord Buddha’s first visit to the island. Decorated and celebrated in colorful grandeur, the first perahera for the year is definitely a must see if you are in the island. This festival takes place on Every Year Month of January Fullmoon.

Thai Pongal

It’s a celebration giving thanks to the sun God and the farm livestock for the abundant harvest. “pongal” which in Tamil means spilling over, symbolizing abundance in opportunities and materialistic fulfillment.. As tradition the Tamils in the island prepare over boiled rice, mixed with cashew and raisins, known as the pongal rice. This festival takes place on Every Year Month of January.

Independence Day

This day to all Sri Lankans is a very special day. It’s the celebration of obtaining independence from the British after over a century of British rule in 1948. The celebrations are of the highest scale, as the whole island joins to celebrate being a free country on the 04th of February.

Maha Siva Rathri

It is a celebration by the Hindus to the God Shiva. The legends behind this celebration are varied, yet very interesting to listen to, especially if told by a Hindu. The celebrations usually fall within the months of February or March.

Sinhala Tamil New Year

The biggest celebration for all Sri Lankans is the Sinhala Tamil New Year. With the harvesting of the crops, it marks the start of a new year. It’s celebrated in true grandeur and the celebrations last a whole week. It’s a truly remarkable celebration, not one to be missed. This festival takes place on Every Year Month of April.


A festival celebrated in grandeur. Sri Lanka being a Buddhist country, this important event which marks the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha, is given the highest commemoration in the island. The cities come to life as the streets lit up with lanterns and colorful pandols telling stories of Lord Buddha’s life create a sight which would not go unnoticed.. This festival takes place on Every Year Month of May Full moon poya day.


Poson marks the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Many pilgrims climb Mihintale- as a mark of their deep devotion. This festival takes place on Every Year Month of June Full moon Poya day.

Kataragama Festival

Colorful processions occupy the streets as devotees honor the God Skandha with two weeks of celebration. This festival takes place on Every Year Month of July.

Esala Perahera

The sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is ceremoniously carried in procession to the Kandyan temple in honour of Lord Buddha. The procession that walks the streets amidst crowds of hundreds is a sight like no other. Elephants adorned in silk and stones, Kandyan dancers, flag bearers and many others play their own role in honour and celebration of the sacred relic of Lord Buddha.  This festival takes place on Every Year Month of August.


The festival of lights celebrated by the Hindu’s to welcome the goddess Lakshmi into their homes, is truly a magical sight. With the houses all lit up in celebration, the city shines brighter on the night of Diwali. This festival takes place on Every Year Month of October.


As in any place even in this tiny island Christmas is a magical sight. The absence of snow doesn’t take away the festive spirit, as the lit up streets and carols playing from inside shops will raise your spirits keeping you in perfect harmony with the festivity around you on Month of December.