Elephant Back Safari

With Kushan

Elephant Back Safari not only make it possible to view wildlife while riding an elephant, but also to view the wildlife enthusiasts chances to be familiar with the nature and behavior of tamed Elephants. The holiday makers may opt to share a day with the majestic beast by picnicking in the bush in the shadow of the elephant or by swimming, grooming, feeding the elephant too.

Elephant Back Safari

Elephant Back Safari At Habarana

Take a tour of the surroundings the old fashioned way, climb aboard on a gentle giant and journey through the gardens of the hotel. A large wooden platform is secured atop the elephant; this platform could hold up to four passengers comfortably. As the elephant waddles through take in the view of Habarana and the surrounding wilderness. Be prepared to stoop down low to avoid collision with the tree branches that invade the path.

Elephant Back Safari At Sigiriya

Your Elephant back safari in Sigiriya is a picturesque ride where you go through the view of Sigiriya rock fortress and the surrounding wilderness.

Elephant Back Safari At Millennium Elephant Foundation

Millennium Elephant Foundation is the place where you can wash the elephants!Take an elephant shower!Journey on a bare back elephant safari around the estate! (Various lengths of ride will affect entry price)and feed the elephant.